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23 November 2013 @ 11:07 pm
So I'm giving an update, but not on my life because so much has happened (mainly good, so no worries). The update on my life will be under the cut.

With having finished Save Your Heart (finally), I'm now going to focus on my super secret fic that I'm really excited to start. The playlist has been made, my notes have been jotted down, and now I just need to start it. I would've been working on it today but I have Doctor Who on the brain, which would work out if my fic was for Doctor Who. But, sadly, it isn't.


So my classes have been going really well. One class is a bullshit class and I really don't need it but whatever, semester's almost over and then I'll never have to do Short Film 1 again. But seriously, it's like no one in that class appreciates things that aren't comedy or drama. They tell me my ideas are too fantastical (I came up with a commercial for superhero slippers...that was aimed for kids) or that horror shouldn't count for a film genre and shit. It pisses me off. And Art History just pisses me off cos it's boring as fuck.

My other classes (Writing for Film Genre, Underrated Cinema, and Directing 2) are awesome and I'm rocking those classes. Writing for Film Genre is fun and we got to come up with a horror movie (which I nailed cos horror is my thing), a rom-com (which I did surprisingly well on, but that's because I made it set in the world of fandom), and now we're doing Sci-Fi (which I have a vague idea but no premise). Sci-Fi is really hard to come up with since I'd obviously want my film to be something that no one has seen before.

Underrated Cinema is just all sorts of fun and awesome. My teacher told me that I have more points in that class then should be possible, and if he could give me more than an A+ then he would. He also wants me to expand on one of my personal essays and resubmit it to him so he can put it in his personal file. I've watched a lot of good films in that class (ones I've never knew about, ones I've wanted to see, and ones I've seen countless times). Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the section on the New York Underground scene in the 60s and actually enjoyed the art films we watched (Ken Jacobs, Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith, and Andy Warhol). I enjoyed them so much that for my final art project for that class, I proposed doing my own version of Ken Jacob's Little Stabs at Happiness and my teacher thinks that's a great idea. So I'm excited for that.

Directing 2 is amazing as I knew it would be. I mean, one of my favorite teachers is teaching that class. I got to make a short film with a professional crew and I did that back in September but started working on the script in July. Still editing that film though because I keep running into audio issues, but I'll get them solved. And now I'm currently editing my last film I did in that class. And, true to my nature, it's twisted and dark and just...brilliant.


I don't know if anyone remembers the Asshat situation from a few years ago, but if you do then I know you won't be thrilled to hear that I'm back to talking and hanging out with him. Although, he grew up since two years ago. He hasn't flaked on me once yet, and our coffee date on Halloween turned into two hours of us sitting on a bench, talking about nothing in particular; another two hours at Subway as we ate lunch and talked about some serious issues (the event that gave him the nickname Asshat was discussed and cleared up and all is good now), he also got extremely offended and ended up defending my honor in front of me when I let slip about this offensive thing that was said to me a year ago (he called the guy who said I should work on his porn film since that's the only time I'd ever see a naked man, and gave him hell for what was said); and then another hour was spent at a costume shop with me helping him pick out a costume, and it was all very...cute and rom-com like. Which kinda scared me.

He then invited me to the Halloween party he was going to, but I had to decline because 1- I didn't have a costume and 2- my phone was on 6% and the party was starting soon. I was actually surprised at how put out he was that I wasn't going with him. And while we've been too busy to hang out since Halloween, he usually texts (or calls) me every few days and we'll talk about anything and everything.

He also asked me to be his AD (Assistant Director) for a major project he's filming in two weeks. So that'll be exciting!

The other things-

I work at another doggy daycare and it's great. The only downside was two weeks ago, I got bit and still have this nasty bruise on my side. But that's it. The company is great, my co-workers are great, and the owner has a wolf-hybrid for a dog. Logan (the dog) is the sweetest thing I've ever met and his face cracks me up because he always looks like he's in awe of something.

Surprisingly, I haven't been to that many movies this semester. I saw the One Direction movie (don't judge), The Spectacular Now (I HIGHLY recommend that movie), Don Jon (that was interesting, but good), and I saw the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in theaters. And that was amazing! Seeing Doctor Who on the big screen, in a theater full of fellow Whovians, and in 3D is something I will never forget.

And lastly, I've been eating healthier than normal (obviously, that's a good thing). And, while the exercise still isn't what I would like it to be (which is understandable since I have no time to go to a gym between classes and work), I'm getting some movement in my daily life. I walk to class most days, walk to work, do a lot of activity with the pups at work, walk to the grocery store, and today I walked a little over two miles (I went from Union Square to basically AT&T Park). What I'm getting at is that with me eating healthy and moving more, from October to today, I've lost enough weight that I went down pant sizes (I went from a 19 to a 16). And for that, I'm extremely proud of myself.
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lynnyloulynnylou on November 26th, 2013 08:49 am (UTC)
Welcome Back! Glad things are going well for you! Hope see more of you on here.
the_huffsterthe_huffster on November 26th, 2013 09:08 am (UTC)
I'm really bad at keeping up on this site. And that's only because I haven't been writing as much as I want to. Hopefully that'll change.

And thanks for the welcome back!