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13 April 2014 @ 08:27 pm
So I have made a decision that, once again, is affecting my life.

My school have raised housing by $200 and that is something that I didn't need. Besides paying for my school, my parents are paying for my brother as well- and supporting us seeing as how neither one of us have jobs this semester. I feel guilty enough about my parents paying 50,000 bucks a year for me to go after a dream that even on my best days I'm not sure I'll accomplish.

I have on more year left and then I graduate from the Academy, but I've decided that I won't finish it in SF to save my parents money- 15,000 bucks per semester to be exact. That's 30,000 dollars a year. I'll be taking my remaining classes online, living at home again.

I don't want to leave my friends because they are some of the best people I know, but if anyone knows me then they know that I've never exactly been selfish when it comes to my family. And I don't want to know that I'm the reason my parents are barely getting buy.

After officially deciding this, I told my roommates (and two of my best friends) and this has resulted in Caitlin making a playlist dedicated to me. Although it's sounding a lot more like a funeral playlist, and it's making me even more sad about the fact that I won't be spending my last year with the crazy people that have been there for me for the three best, craziest, stressful, and funniest years of my life. I told them that I'll visit them, and I have every intention of doing that. Not because I feel like I should but because seeing as how I'm leaving a group of people that have become my family away from home behind, they deserve for me to visit and catch up on them to make sure they're still getting up to the crazy shenanagins that we get up to.

But...I have about 4 weeks left with them, so now is not the time to think about next year and be sad. I'll enjoy the "funeral" Caitlin is throwing me.

And on the bright side, my parents said that they'll put the money they're saving into helping me network. Which means I'll be going Splatterfest, Dallas Frightmare, and other horror conventions/film fests. And finally get business cards and a website. Now that that makes for what I'm giving up, but...I need to focus on the silver lining.
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13 March 2014 @ 01:00 pm
I'm real bad with keeping up on this thing, but I like to think it's because I get so busy. So we'll go with that reasoning.

Last time updated was when my aunt was in the hospital around New Year's, well she got better a few days before I flew back to SF and within four weeks she was back in Seattle. So all is good on that front. Yay!

Now on to the current updates:

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But other than that, everything is great in my world. I've been going to the gym Monday-Saturday for the last five weeks and have lost five pounds. My school has a heavy bag, so I've been letting my frustrations out on that every day (although I tore a bunch of skin off of my right hand on Tuesday, so no more heavy bag until that heals) and I've been going to yoga on Wednesday nights and that's been helping me let go of my frustrations and anger.

And the greatest thing about hitting the gym like I have been, I've been able to start swimming again! It took me about three weeks (since the last time I swan was two years ago) to get up to swimming a quarter of a mile non-stop, so now my next goal is to be able to swim half a mile non-stop. I'm slowly working up to swimming a mile with no breaks. Yay fitness!
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09 February 2014 @ 10:03 pm
Title: About Last Night
Author: the_huffster
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Rating: PG
Timeline: Post-Chosen
Synopsis: Giles has a better way of spending his first New Year's Eve alone than at the Council's New Year's Eve party watching his ex-girlfriend with another man.
A/N: Written for drunken_giles . Prompt #23- Giles drunk on New Year's Eve. Can be at a party or alone. But it'd be nice if he started the New Year off happy :)

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08 January 2014 @ 01:19 am
So...I wish this update was filled with good news, although I guess it starts out with good news.

Good news-

My grandma turned 70 this past Sunday and, as a surprise, the whole family flew down on New Year's Eve. And was my grandma surprised when she saw her son, his wife, and his two sons (who haven't been around the family in years), and her daughter walk through our front door when she thought they were all in Seattle. And then she was even more surprised when she realized everyone was here for her birthday.

And then as a super secret gift, my mom had me go around and film on my phone from when my grandparents flew in (which was Christmas) to my grandma's birthday (which was this past Sunday). And then I went and made a little short film that we screened Sunday night- and that I made copies of for everyone on DVD.

Here's the film if you want to see itCollapse )
My cousins left late Sunday night and my grandparents left Monday morning. And my uncle and his wife were supposed to leave Tuesday. Key word- supposed.

Bad news-

My aunt had been sick since Thursday, but none of us thought anything of it since she tends to cry wolf for attention. So, to make sure nothing major was happening, my mom took her to a little clinic Monday morning. And that's when shit hit the fan.

What was originally just something my aunt caused herself (long story, so here's the cliffnotes- she takes meds she shouldn't, is depressed, does nothing but nap all day, stays up all night, and eats shit she shouldn' she's not in the greatest of health) turned into pneumonia. And then she was hospitalized Monday night.

At 11:30pm Monday night, my mom got a call saying her sister was being transferred to ICU- she had deteriorated at a rapid pace since my mom and her brother had left at 9:00pm.

Tuesday morning, my aunt went into an induced coma and put on a ventilator because she had gone downhill so much overnight and was having trouble breathing on her own. That's when my uncle cancelled his and his wife's flight out.

Turns out, my aunt has H1N1- and it's killed 7 people in Houston since December. And, we were all just informed that because of our contact with my aunt before she was hospitalized we are all infected with H1N1 as well.

So tomorrow (or rather, later today), everyone (excluding my uncle's wife who already got her shot) is getting the flu shot. And we're all now taking 1000mg of vitamin C per day. Which is all fine and dandy but now we're all freaking out because 1- my aunt's condition and the fact that we don't know for sure what's happening and 2- me, my brother, and my uncle all have coughs and I have a sore throat- which are symptoms of H1N1. Now that could be all coincidence's still scary considering.

What a way to bring in 2014, huh?
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29 December 2013 @ 02:00 am
Now that Christmas is over and done with (and did I get some awesome things), I've been hard at work on my Drunk!Giles fic. At least, I started it today and am about halfway through it.

And once I post it ( just in time for the new year), I'll set off to work on my super secret fic that may be finished in time for SoG. And if it's not, then it'll be done for SoG 2015. And while I'm working on that, I'll also be starting the next fic in my Horror-verse, which started with YellowBrickRoad.

Since YellowBrickRoad was so well received (and because it made me realize how much I miss writing horror), I've decided to make a whole verse that involves the Scoobies being thrown into random horror movie-esque situations. I'm still debating on if they'll be connected or not, but if they are then the fics will be posted in no particular order.

Actually, maybe I should have you guys vote on if my Horrorverse fics will be connected or not. Poll #1950069
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25 December 2013 @ 02:05 am
Merry Christmas, folks!
15 December 2013 @ 07:15 pm
So, as we all know, the holidays are fast approaching. And my parents dropped the biggest surprise on me today. The surprise was so big, they didn't even know it would happen.

My parents went into Petco yesterday to pick up our three dogs after they had been groomed. It was pet adoption day and there was this sweet little pup that kept wanting attention from my parents. So my parents read her thing and found out that she had been abandoned (with 5 other dogs, one of which was her six month old puppy) over Thanksgiving by being thrown over a six foot fence into the backyard of a vet's office.

The dog had been going by Foxy once she was found and yesterday was her first day up for adoption. After petting her and getting to know her, my parents fell in love. But my mom wasn't sure how Kandi would react to another female dog so the adoption lady told her that they could just foster Foxy over the holidays, and if they changed things went well then they could keep her.

So...without talking about it, my parents took in this sweet little 2 year old pup and are now foster parents for the holiday season. Although, my parents have fallen completely in love with her (they changed her name to Lily) and I've fallen in love with her after seeing her over Skype.

I get to come home to four dogs for Christmas, and that's pretty cool.

I only have one picture of her right now, but I plan on taking more once I get home next week.
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23 November 2013 @ 11:07 pm
So I'm giving an update, but not on my life because so much has happened (mainly good, so no worries). The update on my life will be under the cut.

With having finished Save Your Heart (finally), I'm now going to focus on my super secret fic that I'm really excited to start. The playlist has been made, my notes have been jotted down, and now I just need to start it. I would've been working on it today but I have Doctor Who on the brain, which would work out if my fic was for Doctor Who. But, sadly, it isn't.

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19 November 2013 @ 11:49 pm
Title: Save Your Heart
Author: the_huffster
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Rating: R
Timeline: Season 8 AU
Synopsis: Instead of dying at the hands of a Twilight controlled Angel, Giles walked away from the crater that was known as Sunnydale. With the seed destroyed at the world changed (again), Buffy and Giles left to England as the rest of the Scoobies adjust to a semi-normal life in their own way. But how will Giles and Buffy's relationship pull through with the issues of Giles' miraculous  survival between them?

Author's Note: Holy shit, it has been forever since I updated this! And I feel so ashamed because I had one little chapter left on this fic and I put it off for a year. But, that's in the past and this is the present. And the present includes another completed fic (and another one in the works). So...enjoy and hopefully someone of you are still interested in this (not quite up to par) fic.

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04 October 2013 @ 06:18 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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